Египет ислам мәдениеті университеті

Employers about the university


Ainur Abdrassilkyzy

Director of the Research and Analytical Center for Religious Affairs

The Ministry of Social Develoment Committee for Social Harmony Republic of Kazakhstan

Nur-Mubarak University is a pioneer of Kazakh Islamic studies, a unique institution which has a place of honor in this sphere related with a national identity. Formation of all levels up to the highest level of Islamic education at the university is one of the significant achievements in the spiritual life of the country.

And at the Nur-Mubarak University, the Department of Religious Studies is a highly qualified center where are concentrated well-qualified professional with a high level of professionalism. The location in the university teaching deep roots of the Islamic culture gives the ability to the department to educate future specialists able to get into the understanding of traditional Islam, deeply roots in the nature of the Muslim Kazakh people. I am convinced that the university will produce more than a dozen such graduates, who play an important role in the current religious situation.

Aidar Rakhimzhanovich Esenbekov

Almaty, Head of the Religious Affairs Department

We are proud of the fact that Nur-Mubarak University in Almaty. The opening of such a university is a historic event for our country. At present, religious issues are actual in each region of the country. And Nur-Mubarak University has a special place in religious stability in Almaty. Because Nur-Mubarak is training qualified specialists for all over the country, especially Islamist and religious scholars. Today, the country needs qualified religious professionals. In this case, the value of the institution is particularly important. I wish success to the management and students of the University.

Alsabekov Mohammad-Hussein Usmanovich

Senior Adviser of Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Kazakhstan Muslims

Religious scholars who are able to explain the value of our traditional religion giving comparative clarifications to Islam, to those who have been driven by foreign movements and other religions, as well as to their close relatives are required by today’s situation. Being thankful to the staff of the Nur-Mubarak University, who is aware of modern trends in Islam, not only about Islam, but also about modern trends in religions and cults, preparing religious scholars who can differentiate these data and make profits useful to the society and to contribute to the stability of the religious situation in the country I wish them prosperous work.

Kamalov Bakytzhan Zharylkasynuly

Director of the Center for Religious Studies of the Department of Internal Policy of Kyzylorda region

Ensuring the stability of the religious situation, which is becoming a problem at the global level, is the main goal for our community, which unites the Muslims in Kazakhstan, and leads them in unity and consistency. In this process, the Nur-Mubarak University, which annually fills up a range of professionals working in this direction with well-educated graduates with high-quality education takes an important place.

Satershinov Bakhytzhan Mendybekovich

The Head of the Department of Religious Studies of the Philosophy, Political science and Religious studies institute of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Despite the fact that Religious Studies is comparatively young sphere in Kazakhstan, in the world experience, however, it is a great branch of science, with a rich history and a rich heritance. There is still a shortage of young, competent professionals in regulating the religious situation in the country, studying world-class trends and making conclusions, and forecasting the situation in our country. Nur-Mubarak University, which annually refills this gap with new graduates, contributes to the advancement and development of the science of Religious Studies in our country.

Kerim Shamshadin Tursinuly

Director of the Abu Hanifa Research Center

We believe that having learned the basics of scientific research, completing the research work, the young scientists who have mastered several foreign languages will be able to make long-term forecasts and solve problems in the future and become universal scientists who will be able to replenish the domestic scientific community with the global religious heritage. And we are grateful to the Department of Religious Studies, which brings up such a young generation and sends them to the science fronts!