Abu Khanifa Research Center

About Center

  • Abu Hanifa Research Center has been operating at the university since 2011. The Center Nur-Mubarak is a part of the University of Islamic Culture of Egypt, which provides comprehensive research in the main areas of activity, as well as coordinates and organizes research, publishing activities of the university. Previously, the center was headed by PhD doctors Alau Adilbayev and Kairat Kurmanbayev. Current Director: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor ‒ Shamseddin Kerim.

The Department Staff

  • Alau Adilbayev  – Doctor of Theological Sciences, Associated Professor, Chief Researcher.
  • Syrym Shakizada  – PhD Doctoral Student, Senior Researcher
  • Daniyar Suleimenov  – PhD Doctoral Student, Researcher
  • Azhar Sizdikova  – Masters’s Degree, Junior Research Fellow.

Center objectives

  • Assistance in the full provision of religious educational institutions operating in the field of Islamic studies in the Republic with books, literature, textbooks and teaching aids that promote the education of the Hanafi school;
  • Identification and collection of works of Kazakhstani theologians within the Hanafi school;
  • To study the works of Kazakh religious scholars who have contributed to the development of Islamic civilization, to widely promote their heritage;
  • In addition to the collection of manuscripts related to the Hanafi school, the translation and publication of historical and classical works, as well as the scientific application of the works of modern jurists in accordance with modern requirements.;
  • Selection, translation and compilation of dictionaries of scientific and educational books, textbooks and manuals for religious schools, promoting Islamic values ​​in foreign languages;
  • Transformation of the university into a single scientific and innovative complex by increasing the activity of teaching staff in scientific work, participation in scientific, scientific and technical, innovative programs and grant competitions;
  • Development of scientific potential of students and young professionals, as well as the involvement of the most capable and talented among them in the scientific and innovative work of the university.

Published works:

  • Arabic-Kazakh dictionary with 50,000 words;
  • Proceedings of the 17-volume international conference, published continuously for the past 14 years;
  • Islamic Studies Research Series: 4 monographs;
  • 8 textbooks and manuals;
  • 8 translation books
  • Address: Almaty, 73 Al-Farabi Avenue.
  • Mail: abuhanifa@nmu.kz