Египет ислам мәдениеті университеті

The announcement for the university teachers in connection with distance learning!


Dear teachers!

Due to the troubled situation, it is necessary to improve the distance learning. The following arrangements were allowed for this reason:

  1. All Faculty staff is obligated to timely download the learning materials;
  2. The audio and video lectures links, downloaded into the Telegram must be indicated in Platonus;
  3. It is necessary to inform the list of students who have not participated in online classes so far, in the Educational-methodical department or academic advisers;
  4. It is necessary to timely set students points in Platonus;
  5. If you have questions and problems concerning the distance learning, you can contact the chief expert of the Academic Affairs Department Zhailauova Dinara Amirkhanovna.

Contact number: 8747-160-96-16

Email: dinara_a_j@mail.ru

                                                                                                                                           Academic Affairs Department