Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree) 

 Undergraduate Diploma (Bachelor’s Degree Diploma) is a state standard diploma of full-fledged higher education. It is the basis for employment in a position that requires higher education and further study for a Master’s Degree.

Applying Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree) in Higher education and vocational training has its number of advantages:

  • The «Bachelor’s Degree Diploma» is more internationally accepted than the traditional «Diploma» and is understood by all employers around the world, especially in the most economically developed countries.
  • Sustainability of Undergraduate study allows you to easily change your profession, if necessary. The Undergraduate study program is designed in accordance with the state Educational Standards; also it allows you to transfer to any specialty within a year in various fields according to the list of relevant specialties.

Credit System of education is a method of organizing the educational process that allows students to individually plan their studies within certain limits.

Credit (Credit-hour) is a distinctive unit that measures the amount of student’s and teacher’s work. In the organization of the educational process by Credit Technology, 1 credit is considered equal to 3 hours of work per week. In addition, 1 academic hour is accompanied by 2 hours of independent work of the student (work with textbooks, homework and work with the teacher).

 The main objectives of Credit Technology System:

  • To unify students’ knowledge;
  • To maximize individual work;
  • To increase the role of independent work.

The Quality of Education in each subject is assessed by a Point-rating System at three stages of training:

  • Current control (task performance, attendance, etc.);
  • Intermediate control (in the form of tests at 8-th and 15-th weeks, control work, etc.);
  • Examination (if the score in the Current and Intermediate tests is insufficient, the student will not be admitted to the exam).

At each stage, a score (rating) is set from 0 to 100 and the average GPA replacement score is calculated. It is calculated based on the number of points and the number of credits in all subjects of the semester.

If a student does not receive the required score in the subject (from 60% to 100%), he/she will have to retake the subject. This is called Retake.