Rektor doctor professor Mohamad el Shahhat el Gendi
Ректорға жолдау!



Welcome to the Rector’s column! I hope that the launch of this blog will solve many problems and expand our opportunities to work together. I hope we will have a close relationship with you. After all, the «Rector’s column» was created to establish direct contact between students, staff and teachers of the university. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, express your suggestions and opinions. Open and regular interviews will contribute to the success of the university administration.

Nur Mubarak University is a new milestone in the long-broken religious brotherhood between Kazakhstan and the Arab Republic of Egypt. Opened 19 years ago, the university has been sustainably developed and trained qualified specialists for more than a thousand countries and religions. As much as it takes a lot of work to learn, the fruits of it will be seen after many years in the country. The fact that Nur Mubarak University has its roots in the world-famous Al-Azhar University with a millennial history is a sign of a great step into the future. When Nur Mubarak University was opened in 2001, the history of al-Azhar dates back to 988, meaning that the university, which opened 1030 years ago, now has students from more than 100 countries. Since the Kazakh people have been following the Abu Hanifa Madhhab for centuries, we have selected scholars from Al-Azhar University who are specific to this Madhhab. I will continue to work at this university to further develop the work of my colleagues who worked before me, to train qualified and educated professionals, to strengthen our religion and the friendship between the two countries. We hope that the educational ties between the two countries will contribute to new scientific projects in the Islamic world and closer ties between the two countries for the benefit of the entire Muslim community! ”

With respect ,                                       

Rector, Professor, Dr. Muhammad al-Shahhat Abdulhamid Muhammad al-Jindi

Ректорға жолдау!