Scientific council

Imasheva Gulim Esengalikyzy
Secretary of NMU Academic Council
Candidate of Philological sciences, Associate Professor.

Теlephone: + 7 (727) 302-09-30 (143)


Academic Council of NMU is a consulting meeting organ. Нұр-Мүбарак Египет ислам мәдениеті университетінің Ғылыми кеңесі кеңесу-мәжілістік орган болып табылады. The activity of the Academic Council of the University is based on the principles of publicity and collective discussion of issues within its competence.


Competence of the Academic Council

– Approves the University Structure;

– Adoption of regulations governing the activities of the university and make changes and additions to them;

– Defines the University Strategy and Conception;

– Makes decisions on all major issues of organization of educational, research, international, financial, administrative and economic activities of the university;

– approves curricula of quality and forms of teaching;

  • considers and recommends the publication of textbooks, manuals and teaching aids;

– decides on the transfer of students from the paid department to educational grants and study in the form of externship;

– Offers the scientific positions of Associate Professor and Professor;

– nominates university staff and creative staff for state and government awards and honorary titles;

– considers other current issues of the university that need a collective decision.  

Academic Council Structure