Египет ислам мәдениеті университеті

Sector for International Cooperation

The main vectors of international cooperation of the University are aimed at ensuring:

– Planning and organization of activities for the development of international relations at the university;

-assistance to participation in international educational exhibitions;

– participation in drafting and signing agreements on cooperation with foreign partners in the field of education and science;

-conducting joint scientific research, preparation of scientific projects at the international level;

-Support of staff and staff in the organization of foreign trips;

– Ensuring the academic mobility of students, faculty, staff of the university, as well as attracting students from higher education institutions for training in Nur-Mubarak, consultative and organizational assistance in settlement, registration;

The mission of the office of international relations is the following:

– Create, promote and strengthen international partnerships and agreements;

– Promote and facilitate international agreements between individual faculties / departments and international partners.