Египет ислам мәдениеті университеті

The Department of Religious Studies

History of the Department

  • Before 2011 The Department of Religious Studies was a member of The Department of University Humanitarian Subjects.
  • Independent year: 2011
  • Number of Teachers: 18. 2 teacher professors, 4 scientific doctors, 2 candidates, 1 associate professor of doctorate, 5 Ph.D. doctors, and 6 masters.
  • From 2011 to 2014 Ph.D. of Theology Adilbaeva Alau Shaikimov undertook the dead of the department.
  • Since 2014, the head of the department is PhD and Professor Erzhan Kamalkhan Seit.

The Aims and Objectives of the Department

  • To train specialists with deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of religious studies. Organization of the educational process of department in accordance with current trends of science and social development.
  • Training highly qualified specialists bachelors, masters, Ph.D. , who have connected the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, mastered the theory and history of religious science,  studied method of research, and contributing to the professional development of the people in this area;
  • Achieving a level of education that ensures quality;
  • Enhance the diversity of modern scientific achievements and innovative educational technologies into the educational process of Religious Studies, and to make sure the quality of the learning system based on connection of theoretical knowledge with practical fields of public demand;
  • Training specialists capable to working in the different levels of state service In the Republic of Kazakhstan (ministries, departments, and administrations), research centers, media and other structures in the field of Religious Studies according to their competence and knowledge.
  • Ensuring professional development, and retraining;
  • To develop educational and methodical infrastructure by equipping the educational process with modern teaching technologies and teaching aids;
  • Establishing and developing partnerships with domestic and foreign research centers;
  • To contribute to the training of professionals with professionals skills that offer social, psychological, religious and theological help to victims of destructive religious trends, and who can forecast and prevent activities of extremist, terrorist threats that are prejudicial to the security and social stability of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific Direction of Department

  • The degree of the department is 62%.
  • In The Department of Religious Studies S.T.Kerym, A.R.Almuhhametov, K.A.Zatov, K.S.Erzhan, B.B.Hamezeva, D.A.Sihimbaeva, M.B.Isahan, A.K.Duisenbaeva, Z.Bulan, Z.Z.Shimahanov, E.N.Esimkulov, T.A.Barakbaev, T.Imamumadi, Abdulkhakim.B, E.Mazhi, A.E.Abubakirova, in addition to teaching, they are also do scientific, educational, methodological and educational work.
  • Prepare textbooks and manuals covering topics such as religion and the state, sociology of religion, comparative religion, Islamic history, and the cultural heritage of the Hanafi madhab, as well as topics in the field of religion in the Maturidi School.
  • Scientifically and legally analyze religious radicalism and extremism;
  • Compile religious studies courses and teaching aids according to modern requirements;
  • Organize scientific seminars, roundtables and conferences; scientifically manage student’s thesis and research projects.
  • Nowadays teachers of the department are participating in international, Republican, and university scientific practice conferences and publishing books for university presses.
  • Textbooks: ‘’State-Confessional Relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan’’, ‘’Judaism’’, ‘’Comparative History of Religions’’, ‘’Quran and Orientalism’’, ‘’History of Islam’’, ‘’Aqida school of Hanafi and Matudidi in Central Asia’’, ‘’Aqida of Islam’’.
  • Roundtables and conference: ‘’Religious peace is the main principle of the country’’, ‘’Modern religion: problems and solutions’’.

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