Египет ислам мәдениеті университеті

The Department of Islamic Studies

History of the Department

  • Established in:2001
  • A number of teachers:41 includes 1 professor, 3 doctors, 16(Ph.D.)dr. 1 candidate, 6 senior teachers, 8 masters, 6 freelance teachers.
  • From 2004 to 2012, Ph.D. of Sharia Ato As-Synbati undertook the head of the department.
  • In 2013 Ph.D. of Sharia Atiya Fathi Muhammad Ali al-Fiqi undertook the head of the department.
  • From 2014-2017 Ph.D. of Basic Islamic studies Adilbaeva Shamshat Amangeldi undertook the head of the department.
  • In 2017 Ph.D. of Islamic studies Anarbayev Nurlan Sailau undertook the head of the department.

The Aims and Objectives of Islamic Studies

  • Achieving quality and competitive education.
  • Extensive use of modern scientific achievement and innovative educational technologies in the education process.
  • Combining theoretical knowledge with practical aspects of public demand.
  • Train experts who are capable of working at all levels of government (ministries, department, administrative departments), research centers, mass media, and the Kazakhstan Muslim Spiritual Authority, expert centers, religious rehabilitation centers, etc. in the Republic of KaKazakhstan.
  • Develop teaching and method infrastructure based on modern educational technology and teaching aids.
  • Establish links with domestic and foreign research centers.
  • Provide expert training and retraining.
  • Helps train qualified professionals, provide psychological, religious research, and theological assistance to citizens who suffer from destructive religious movements, and prevent religious extremism and terrorism from threatening national security and public stability.

Scientific Direction of  the Department

  • To date, the department has 41 teacher professors.
  • 51%of them are candidates of science and doctors.
  • Teachers in this department are responsible for subjects such as Quran, Questions of morals in the Quran, family in religion Islam, Aqida, parenting, Sophie of Kazakhstan, Biography of the prophets, Hadith, etc.
  • Teachers are not limited to their own classes but are also conducting other public and upgrading their skills to modern requirements.
  • Under the guidance of our university’s doctors Nurzhan Stambakiev and Kurment Smagulov, our university has opened extra lectures about basic Aqida, Fiqh, Hadith, Sira, etc.
  • Teachers of the department participated in international, Republican, and university scientific practice conferences and published books on behalf of university presses.
  • Curators-advisers of students: Askar Akimhanov, Azamat Zhamashev, Zhaidar Rakhmgaziev, Kurmet Smagulov, Rizabek Ilimbaev, Bauirzhan Shaizan, Nurzhan Stanbakiev, Nurzhan Smagulov, Abilkhair Zhumataev, Akylzhan Orazgalev, Bizhan Ilesbekov, Olzhas Ismailov, Beibit Uisenbaev, Askharbek Saripbekov.