Египет ислам мәдениеті университеті

Department of University Humanitarian Subjects

Head of the Department of University Humanitarian Subjects

Kapasova Dariga Armanovna

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Teaching Staff  

About the Department

                 The department of university humanitarian subjects is one of the departments, functioning since the foundation of the university, with its rich history and its own established traditions. The chair was headed by the candidate of philosophical sciences B.K.Beisenov and A.Sh.Adilbaev.    In 2009-2017 the chair was headed by the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Sh.B.Bainesh.

         The chair prepares future teachers on the “5B011900 – Foreign Language: two foreign languages: (Arabic, English)” specialty, and gives courses in humanities for 1-4 year students studying in the field of Islamic studies and Religious studies for master and PhD doctoral course students. The teaching staff of the department is formed from highly qualified graduates of the after al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University, the AbylaiKhan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages and other leading higher educational institutions.

          The experienced  staff work at the department, including 1 doctor of science, 15 candidates of sciences, 1 doctor of PhD, 6 masters of science and 4 senior lecturers. In recent years, the department has been working and transferring its knowledge to students of specialists with scientific degrees, possessing rich experience, deeply mastered their branch of knowledge: the d.p.s., professor Bainesh Sh.B., the candidates of sciences: Rysbayeva G.K., Turumbetova L.A., Kulbekova B.R., Duisen S.Zh., Kapasova D.A., Kyrykbaeva E.O., Isabaeva S.N., Irgebaeva A.B., Khatran D., Abisheva N.M., Boribai E.S., Bekkhozhanova G.K., Zhubanova B.Kh., Tuleubaeva M.K., Tulepberdinova G.A., the PhD doctor Tolegenova A.A., as well as teachers masters and senior lecturers Zholmaganbetova M.A., Suttibaev N.A., Imanbaev A.Zh., Zhakupova A., Baltina A.S., Suambekova G., Duanaeva Sh., Raeva S.Zh., Orazbaeva Kh.O., Nemererebaeva K.A.

           At the department there are 2 professors- the holders of the state grant “The Best Teacher of the University”. These are: c.ph.s., professor Rysbayeva G.K. (2013), PhD doctor, the associate professor Tolegenova A.A. (2017), d.p.s., professor, Bainesh Sh.B. is the “Excellent  in the sphere of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (1995).

          In order to improve the quality of teaching humanitarian subjects, the teachers of the department organize and conduct educational, methodological and scientific seminars and trainings, as well as round tables on topical problems of Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages, history and information technologies.

         The Faculty of the department takes part in international, republican and the  scientific conferences among universities.

Directions of research work at the department:

          a) contrastive-comparative linguistics;
          b) theory of languages, rhetorics;
          c) the methodology of teaching foreign languages.

        Functions, goals and tasks of the Department of university humanitarian subjects:

  • scientific and methodological support of educational and teaching process;
  • development of students’ scientific and cognitive skills, comprehensive information about the cultural, spiritual, socio-economic and environmental situations in the country;
  • teaching theoretical and practical classes in the process of teaching the humanitarian subjects;
  • preparation of highly professional, multi-sided, educated specialists with deep theoretical knowledge, practical skills and national self-consciousness;
  • systematic use of innovative methods, skills and teaching technologies, as well as teaching with the use effectively in work to improve the quality education.

   Development Strategy of the Department    

  Scientific works of the Professor-teaching staff

  Qualification of the Professor-Teaching Staff

   Awards of the Professor-teaching Staff