University Nur-Mubarak Library is a structural subdivision of the University, providing literature and information for educational and scientific processes.

The Library Fund is universal and offers different kind of textbooks, manuals, educational-methodological, scientific literature, bibliographies, periodicals as well as collections on electronic media.

The Library Fund also includes official publications of the RK Government and other authorities of RK, modern and updated encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books in Kazakh and Russian, which are necessary for preparation for training sessions.

The Library has 32 computers connected to the local network, printer and xerographic copier. Library readers have an opportunity to use Internet global information network services. Information support is supplemented by the following features: scan, copy, CD.

The Library’s key tasks:

  1. providing academic staff, researchers, graduates, students and maintenance personnel with educational and scientific literature on technical, social and humanitarian sciences and with periodicals in Kazakh and Russian languages in accordance with the information requests and on the basis of free access to all library collections;
  2. formation of the fund in accordance with the University’s profile and information needs of all categories of readers;
  3. fostering of information culture, improving skills with regard to how to use books and library resources;
  4. implementation of massive program for training of readers to work in the new technological conditions.

Key functions:

  1. Organization of differentiated services for readers in the reading rooms, circulation units and single library card delivery points by applying individual and group services methods.
  2. Providing free of charge library services:
    • full information on the Library Fund’s structure and other forms of reporting;
    • providing advice in searching and selection of printed editions and other documents with the use of reference and bibliographic apparatus;
    • lending of printed books and other documents;
    • extending the period of loan in accordance with the Library Rules and Regulations;
    • execution of references, preparation of lists of literature and bibliographic indexes;
    • preparing and carrying out of visual (exhibitions and expositions) and oral (various forms) mass events.

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