Master’s Courses

Postgraduate (Master’s Degree) is a postgraduate education, which educational programs are aimed at training personnel with the award of a «Master’s Degree» in the relevant specialty.                         .
Master’s Degree programs are implemented in two directions:

The «Master’s» qualification the highest level of professional qualification in the field of higher education, it gives much more opportunities for employment and career advancement than the qualification obtained from other levels of professional education.

Postgraduate programs provide specialized training that allows graduates to successfully pursue science, teaching, management and expert services.

The Master’s Degree designs active research, participation in research projects in priority science and produce under the guidance of leading specialists.

Admission on the Master’s program is carried out in accordance with the standard Rules of Admission of educational institutions that implement professional postgraduate education.

If the postgraduate student does not get the required score on the subject (from 60% to 100%), then he/she will have to retake the subject. This is called Retake.