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Zhuda Abdulgani BASYUNI

Dr. PhD, Professor

Born in June 17, 1946, in Egypt





  • In 1974, he graduated from the faculty “Shariah and Law” the undergraduate programme of University “Al-Azhar” in Cairo
  • In 1978, he defended with honors the master’s thesis on the topic “The Role of Islamic Shariah law in respect of Allah” on specification “Shariah Policy” at the Faculty of “Shariah and Law” of University “Al-Azhar”.
  • In 1984 he defended his doctoral thesis on “Financial records management along the lines of Islamic Shariah in the state Umauiya” and received the “Honorary title of the first degree.”


  • 24.02.1981, the assistant lecturer of the Department of the Hanafi fiqh faculty “Shariah and Law”;
  • 12.08.1984, the teacher of the department of the Hanafi fiqh faculty “Shariah and Law”;
  • 10.02.1993, the assistant professor of the Hanafi fiqh faculty “Shariah and Law”;
  • 09.10.2002, the Professor of the Department of the Hanafi fiqh faculty “Shariah and Law”;
  • 30.12.2000-01.09.2002 and 03.07.2004- 07.2014 the Head of the Department of Fiqh;
  • 28.09.2009-07.2014 Dean of the Faculty ” Shariah and Law.”


  • supervised over 120 scientific, research doctorates and master’s thesis in the field of “Fiqh”, “Shariah Policy” at the local and international levels.  Author of several books on the theme of “Fiqh in Islam», relationship, service and author of ten scientific works



  • Member of the Commission of the scientific journal of muftiat of Egypt;
  • Member of the Presidency of training teachers at Kuwait University;
  • Member of the Presidency of training teachers at the University “Al Ain” in the UAE;
  • Member of the Presidency in all faculties of “Shariah and Law”, and other different faculties of the University “Al-Azhar”.



  • Author of scientific papers and participant of different scientific conferences in Egypt and abroad;
  • The holder of a diploma of the national organizations in Egypt to improve and strengthen the quality of education;
  • Member of all conferences of the Union of University graduates “Al-Azhar”;
  • Member of various scientific conferences of universities Tanta, Alexandria and Mansura;
  • Member of the Conference of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • Member of the scientific discussions organized by the Kingdom of Jordan.


  • Since 2014 Rector of the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture “Nur-Mubarak”.



Shamshadin Tursynuly KERIM

Doctor of Philology, Professor

He was born in 1962, in Kazakhstan



In 1985  He graduated from the Arabic Department of the Faculty of Philology of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (1985) diploma with honours ;

In 1991 he defended his candidate thesis;

In 2000 he defended his doctoral thesis;


-1985-1997 Junior Researcher of the Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

-1997 Junior Researcher of the Institute of Literature and Art named after M.O. Auezov;

1991 worked in the system of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

-1992-1994  Head of the department of Syrdarya State University named after Guluam in Uzbekistan.

1994-2001 Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Oriental Philology of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Hozha A.Yassavi;

-2001 Rector of the Islamic Institute in Almaty;

– 2001 to the present time Vice Rector of the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture Nur-Mubarak. Professor Sh.Kerim made a significant contribution to the establishment and successful operation of the first and the only  Islamic University Nur-Mubarak in the former Soviet Union.

Thanks to the purposeful and persevering activity of Professor Sh.Kerim  a new perspective specialty in the field of humanitarian knowledge “Islamic Studies” was opened for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan higher and postgraduate education. This specialty entered the new classification of specialties of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As the vice-rector of the University of Islamic Culture Nur-Mubarak doctor of philological sciences, professor Sh.Kerim convincingly proved and justified the need to create a three-stage model of Islamic education: bakalavriat- Masters and Doctor of philosophy  in the higher state bodies.

Today, on the basis of Egyptian University of Islamic Culture Nur-Mubarak this program is successfully implemented

As a scientist – researcher Shamshadin Kerim is actively involved in the implementation of the ideas of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev on building  optimal models of relations between the state and religion in the modern world.


Under his leadership, the eleven international scientific-practical conference “Problems of Islamic studies and Arabic philology” were held.

He  made the first comprehensive study of religious Muslim medieval philosophy in the medieval Arab-Islamic literature  in the domestic and foreign historical and linguistic science, showed the relationship of philosophy and Islamic law, he revealed the key role of the latter in the Muslim ideology.

Departments and centres which were organized under his leadership:

 University Department of humanities

 The Department of Islamic Studies

 Religious Department

 The Department of Arabic Language and Literature

 Research Center named after Abu Hanifa

 Nur-Mubarak University Preparation Course

 Arabic Language Centre