Египет ислам мәдениеті университеті

Сost of education

Dear students, undergraduates and doctoral students!

Payment for training is carried out only in banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan. When paying for tuition, translation / restoration, summer semester, etc., IMPORTANT !!! know your identification code ID-code, which is assigned to you upon admission to the university, and also be sure to indicate FOR WHAT (for tuition, translation / restoration, summer semester) !!! you pay.

The payment deadline for the training (first tranche) is until August 25 every year (according to the contract for educational services) in the amount of 30%. Further, payment is made according to the schedule approved in the contract:

– December (annually) 40%

– Until the beginning of May (annually) the remaining 30% of the tuition fee must be paid.

You can also pay for your studies through the online bank applications (kaspi.kz).

To confirm the transfer of funds to the university account and the absence of debt, you can call 302-09-39 (ext. 144).