Adviser to the Rector

Yerzhan Kazhy Malgazhyevich MAYAMEROV

Academic Degree: Master in Islamic Studies

He was born on December 16, 1972.

In 1990 he graduated from high school named after Gani Muratbayev in Makanchi village of East Kazakhstan region;

1992-2006 He graduated from Al-Azhar Islamic University in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Department of Sharia and Law.

2006-2008 He continued his education in the Fatwa Department of the Muftiate of Egyptian Muslims;

2008 He was the chief imam of the Dolanbay Ata mosque in Semey;

2011-2013 He served as a representative imam of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan in the Semipalatinsk region; ;

2013-2017 From 2006 to 2006 he served as Chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan, Chief Mufti;

Since 2017, Nur-Mubarak has been working as an advisor to the rector of the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture.

Yerzhan Haji Malgazhuly is a person who makes a significant contribution to the development of Islam in Kazakhstan.

During the chairmanship of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan, the books «Platform of Muslims of Kazakhstan», «Personal image of the Imam», «Personal image of a Muslim», «Ethics of the DBK employee», as well as «Religion and Tradition», «Friday pulpit» »Collections, etc. important projects have been developed.