Quality Management System

QMS department coordinates the introduction and functioning of QMS in departments and subdivisions. The QMS sector is aimed at providing methodological and informational support for the quality of QMS and educational services at the academy departments in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and Nur-Mubarak EICU Quality Guidelines. The department carries out its activity on the basis of QMS analysis in all departments of the University.

Carries out control over the quality of educational services in accordance with the regulations approved by the MES of RK, as well as the Regulations of the Education Supervision Administration. QMS department Nur-Mubarak is based on the quality policy of EICU, aimed at improving the quality of educational process, educational and methodological work and integration of education, science and practice.

The main purpose of the QMS is to create a knowledge and skills complex that provides the ability to effectively solve the practical issues in the preparation of high educators, educated imams, future clerics, and provide the necessary opportunities for the development of harmonious and highly educated individuals in society. Also, it is necessary to improve existing quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, introduction of modern educational technologies, integration of education, science, practice, scientific and practical and pedagogical qualification of teachers, quality of educational services in coordination and standardization of educational process on the basis of SOSE RK the goal of the promotion is put forward.


– methodological and information support, planning, organization of quality control processes in educational services at all departments of the University aimed at training of highly qualified specialists;

– control, planning, organizational, methodological and information support of the QMS activity, aimed at improving the quality of work in higher education institutions.

Structure of QMS:

Leading specialist QMS: PhD, associate professor A.Sh. Adilbayeva

QMS Specialist: S.B. Kagazbekova

Contact details:


E-mail: smk_nmu@mail.ru